New Patients


Learn more about becoming a new patient at our office by viewing the sections below.


The first appointment begins with a personal meeting with Dr. Golia. We treat people, not patients. Developing a relationship is equally important as rendering clinical services.

Thereafter, a comprehensive examination takes place which includes a head and neck cancer screening, temporomandibular joint examination, and a detailed examination of the teeth, soft tissue, supporting structures, alignment, bite, and muscle tonicity. A complete set of digital radiographs are taken and models of your mouth are made, if necessary.

Based upon your periodontal health, you will be given a subsequent appointment of appropriate length for your teeth to be cleaned by our licensed dental hygienist. You will be informed of the latest theories and techniques for controlling dental disease.

All of the information gathered is compiled and evaluated, and a plan is drawn up to meet your immediate needs and long-term objectives. AII treatment options with cost estimates are discussed. We believe in firm mutual understanding as a basis for successful treatment.
Payment is required at the time services are performed to help reduce billing and accounting costs. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Other financial arrangements are available when extensive dental care is necessary, or when the dentistry performed exceeds your budget or insurance benefits. We will be sensitive to your financial circumstances within the framework of sound business practices.
Our office will do everything possible to help you understand and maximize your dental insurance benefits. In this regard, we offer the following tips:

Please bring along your dental insurance card and a claim form with the patient's portion completed and signed where appropriate.

Take advantage of the pre-treatment estimate feature for more extensive dental treatment, as your insurer will provide the amount that they will cover prior to advanced treatment.

Dental insurance is more like a dental stipend. It varies from plan to plan. You are responsible for payment, as your insurance plan is a contract between you and your insurance company.

We strive to offer a warm and inviting office to have dentistry performed. We respect our patients and go above and beyond to ensure their experiences with us are fully accommodating. We offer local anesthesia techniques, background music, cozy blankets, great communication, privacy, and more. 


Infection control is a top priority and exceeds Occupational, Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) regulations. For your health and safety, we use protective gloves, masks, eyewear, surgical gowns and rubber dam intraoral isolation techniques. Biweekly spore testing guarantees optimum performance of the sterilizer and maintains the highest level of sterility.

We also sterilize all dental instruments after each patient, and we disinfect all treatment rooms after each patient. 

For your convenience, we now offer all of our patient registration forms online! By filling out these forms on our website, you will minimize your waiting time in our office and be able to arrive just a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

You’ll find the forms below! You can fill them out from the comfort of your own home, taking as much or as little time as you need.
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